What are small-scale fisheries?

Small scale fisheries are described by the Food and Agricultural Organization as traditional fisheries involving fishing households, using relatively small capital to fish close to shore for local consumption.

1 million


1 %

of global catch is Produced by small-scale fisheries

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Yet many small-scale fisheries are facing a multitude of challenges such as...

Conventional approaches to improving management are often inaccessible to small scale fisheries due to cost and capacity limitations.

How can we set fisheries on the path to sustainability?

We can help small-scale fisheries achieve their goals by providing access to scientific resources

We have developed a suite of resources that transform the way communities approach fisheries management to protect biodiversity, livelihoods and food in a changing ocean

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This effort is culminated in two toolkits: FishPath and FishKit

FishPath identifies management options through stakeholder engagement

If you are facing fishery challenges but unsure what management options are best suited for your situation, FishPath can help! Workshops, trainings and the online decision support tool can all help guide your efforts. 

Once you’ve determined the relevant management measures for your fishery, ┬áFishKit makes it faster and easier to collaboratively design management measures that are proven to work for the majority of small-scale fisheries. It also includes resources to help with the collection and analysis of length data.┬á

FishKit guides the implementation of management options