Size Limit Builder

Meet the Size Limit Builder

The size limit builder delivers fast and practical fisheries science to groups that are looking to design size limits for their fishery.

What is a size limit?​

A size limit is a tool used by fisheries managers to regulate the size of fish that can be legally harvested. 

Two fish above rulers of 20cm, with one fish smaller than the ruler and the other fish larger than the ruler

The goal of a size limit is to protect juvenile fish from fishing, until they've had a chance to spawn

Spawning produces offspring that replenish the fish population. Thus, size limits help to maintain a functioning fish population and ecosystem that enable responsible fishing in perpetuity.

The size limit builder utilizes principles of fish biology to project the effects of different size limits on fishing yields and protection of spawners. Insights from comparing different size limits in this way can illustrate tradeoffs between catch and conservation, helping to align outcomes with management objectives.

What does the size limit builder do?