Life History Repository

What is life history information?

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Life history information describes how a fish population grows, survives and reproduces over time. 

A progression of a cartoon fish, growing, having baby fish, and then dying

Fisheries scientists use metrics and equations based on biological principles to describe life histories. This can help to:

• Characterize how fish populations change over time

• Model the effect of fishing on fish populations

• Analyze tradeoffs associated with different harvest rules

Four main pieces of information are needed to construct a life history
Growth Rate: How fast does the fish grow?
Average Maximum Size: how large does a fish grow?
Natural Mortality: How fast does the fish normally die?
Length at Maturity: What is the length at reproductive maturity?
Start building and using life histories

Visit the app to start building life histories if you have information on the life histories of target species in your fishery. Since this information can often be hard to come by, we also have a repository that provides easy access to existing life histories so you can start using the Size Limit Builder and Stock Health Tracker with the life histories you’ve selected.  

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Visit the life history to see what life histories exist in the repository. View important information like the citations and regions associated with the entry to determine whether the information might offer valuable insights for your fishery. 

Explore the available life histories