This page includes several examples of the types of services our team can provide for FishKit engagements. These showcase some of the ways our team can provide custom support, tailored to your engagement needs. If one of these services is of interest to you, please contact us via our Contact page to speak to a team member.

Introductory Trainings

This curriculum is an example of the content covered in a brief introductory training. Introductory trainings are designed to give prospective users a brief introduction to FishKit and prepare them to use its basic functionalities. It can be conducted either remotely or in person, and can be customized to meet the needs and contexts of the group requesting the training. 

Size Limit Analysis Reports

This custom analysis can be created to summarize an analysis of size limit options for a certain set of species. This custom document can be well suited for contexts in which certain life history parameters are lacking or in contexts where facilitation of the discussion using the app is not possible due to connectivity, location, audience, etc. 

Compare Your Catch FishKit Mobile Reports

This mobile reports demonstrates the simplicity and power of the Stock Health Tracker with an example analysis of length data. These reports can be generated and shared via messenging apps or social media to keep stakeholders up to date on the status of their fishery.