What is FishKit?

We developed FishKit, a set of software tools, to tackle the dual challenges limiting sustainability in small-scale fisheries: data gaps and limited know-how among local leaders to use data to design and implement management plans. FishKit makes it easier, faster, and more intuitive for coastal communities to collect and analyze data and transform it into specific management interventions that are proven to work for the majority of small-scale fisheries. Applying FishKit can improve fisheries management in small-scale fisheries, protecting ocean ecosystems while providing food and livelihoods to coastal communities.

Real science, real action, real fast.

Size Limit Builder

Using principles of fisheries biology, evaluate size limits by projecting the tradeoff between fishing yield and fish population health. 

A large school of jack in blue water taken by a scuba diver

Stock Health Tracker

Upload length data from your fishery to understand your catch, and what it means for the long-term health of your fishery.

Life History Repository

Here, with some understanding of fisheries science and the best available data, you can construct life histories for species of interest. This information can then be used in the Size Limit Builder and Stock Health Tracker.

Caught fish on ice
A blue camera in the foreground, photographing a shellfish in the background
@ David Hills Photography

Ocean Ruler

Quickly build powerful data sets by simply snapping photos of your catch. The Ocean Ruler transforms photos into length estimates that can be used to assess the health of a stock and inform decisions on how best to protect it.